If you like gambling, you don’t necessarily have to fly to Las Vegas! Because online gambling is becoming more and more popular in Germany and more and more people are playing online for real money on their computer, smartphone or tablet. Jackpot slots and casino games in particular attract many players.

If you want to know how these jackpot games work and how you can hit the jackpot, then you’ve come to the right place. We explain the terms how to find the right real money online casino and answer many other questions. So nothing stands in the way of the hunt for the big win.

When you play for real money on an online slot machine, you win when you hit certain winning combinations. With a normal slot, the profit is fixed according to a payout table. For example, with a simple one-armed bandit, you will receive five times your stake if you receive three cherries.

However, when the game has a jackpot, things are a little different. In addition to the normal chances of winning, you have the opportunity to strike big here. The main prize in these games is not fixed, but continues to rise until the jackpot is finally hit. For this purpose, a small portion of your stake is kept by the casino and added to the jackpot.

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